The dark side of the American experience...

Eden Denied is a book by Robert W. Svetlik published in 2011 that chronicles the suppression of alternative technology throughout history. It demonstrates the malicious and organized attempts by major corporations to control energy, medicine, agriculture, media, and our government for the sake of profits and power. From the back of the book:

This book deals with the dark side of the American experience. From this country’s earliest beginnings, there have been sinister forces at play to usurp the freedoms we so dearly cherish. The difference between then and now is that we finally understand what has been happening in corporate boardrooms the world over. These forces are gaining control. They are getting bolder and grabbing more of the wealth and resources of the planet. And they are destroying it in the process.

This unbridled greed knows no bounds. It is a pariah, like a cancer growing in a sickly organ. It cares nothing for you and your family, or your town, or your schools. Its insatiable desire to consume all the wealth of the nation will not stop until we rise up against it. This force is none other than the oppressive grip of corporate capitalists and central bankers. It is they who plan the wars, cause the depressions, pollute the environment, and mire us in debt. They do it for one reason only: profit. The veil is finally lifting, the truth surfacing. People everywhere are finally realizing that we must stand against the same enemy: corporate capitalism. These corporate overlords are playing their hand, making the final move toward control of governments and our lives.

For the human race to evolve, it must have freedom of expression with the resources of the planet equally shared by all. We can no longer bring our children into a world where they will become slaves to the corporate masters.

The book is comprised of information from many sources as well as Robert's personal thoughts. Each chapter stands on its own, so feel free to skim through and read the parts that interest you most. You may download it for free, but please consider purchasing it from Amazon if you want a paperback or Kindle version.